Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome to the Joyful Stars Blog Hop for July!

Here is a braided spine card.  This is the final picture of the front.

This is a better view of the spine.

I will be posting detailed instructions and a template. 

Your next hop is over to Stephanie's blog.  If you got lost along the way, the entire lists of blogs is listed below:

          Joyce Houck      
         Jean Murphy      
         Nickie Hoffer    
         Helen Gullett     
         Andrea Sherman
         Krista Hershberger
         Janice Centritto   
         Nancy Brown    
          Lori Meadows               
         Stephanie Brown
         Crystal Davis     
         Jolene Barron     
         Betty Locco         
         Stephanie Huber 
         Meg Clements    
         Cindy Leek         
         Elizabeth M