Saturday, July 9, 2016

Welcome to the Joyful Stars blog hop for July!

Apologies to all!  I truly thought I would have some artwork for you this month but I can't show you any sneak peeks from Convention and I have been running ever since I returned.

The one thing I CAN share from convention is a cute little guy I found.

That's right!  Sticky Boy!!!!  I had a nagging in my head to go look in a particular spot.  As I wandered over I noticed another consultant leaving (she didn't find a Sticky Boy).  I thought "DARN! there is no Sticky Boy there" but I wandered over anyway and lo and behold the other consultant missed him.  I think it was meant to be that he came home to PA with me.

Your next hop is over to Stephanie Brown to see what she has for us this month,

If you got lost along the way here is the entire list:

Joyce Houck          
Andrea Sherman    
Debi Brile              
Crystal Davis         
Betty Locco           
Krista Hershberger  
Helen Gullett          
Marie Flayer           
Stephanie Huber     
Lori Meadows        
Stephanie Brown    
Donna Ackley Long